Engaging nations with GSR programs, corporations with CSR agendas, and universities committed to a sustainable, informed future.


Country with GSR? Company with CSR? University?

If you're a country with a Government Social Responsibility (GSR) program, a company with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethos, or a university fostering future leaders, we invite you to collaborate with us.

By investing your resources in our innovative initiatives, you will be contributing to a transformative impact on society. Let's join forces to create an environment of informed influencers, responsible digital citizenship, and sustainable development.

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Why It's Important

We live in an age where influence shapes perception. The spread of misinformation can cause irreversible harm, especially to impressionable young minds. By fostering a culture of education, critical thinking, and credible information dissemination, we can safeguard our future generations and promote sustainable development.

Children, especially, absorb and mimic what they see and hear. In the face of conflict, economic crisis, or social unrest, it's vital to provide a balanced perspective that encourages empathy, understanding, and critical thinking. Our initiatives help to achieve this by shaping influencers who can reach millions with a message that is both powerful and responsible.



At GenPlan.com, we understand the profound impact of influence in the digital age. We're fostering a global movement to harness this power, directing it towards informed and sustainable futures.


Our Current Focus: Digital Influence and Its Impact


Tapping into the massive databases of live-stream influencers, analyzing their reach, content, and potential to drive positive change. [Link]



Creating a collaborative platform for governments, corporations, and influencers, building a dialogue to steer societal narratives towards progress and positivity. [Link]